Thursday, 8 January 2015

Tragedy in Paris

First of all I would like to express my heart-felt sympathies to the families of the lives lost yesterday in the shooting in Paris. It is saddening to know that those people will never speak to their loved ones again. Yesterday was a truly sad day for the world.

We are seeing a huge rise at the moment in most European countries of right-wing parties and groups hell bent on “purifying” their given countries. I can certainly understand why these groups are garnering support despite not agreeing myself with their attitudes, ethos and methods. 

Religions across the world have for centuries claimed millions of lives. The Crusades, the Buddhists in Cambodia and the Second World War to name but a few not to mention the religious persecution of the Catholic’s during Elizabeth I’s rule and persecution of the Jewish throughout history. One cannot deny that all religions have claimed innocent lives throughout history. As you can see, I am not a fan of any religion.

During the latter stages of 19th century Britain we saw a rise in industry and science creating things that before people only believed God could create. We have brilliant minds paving the way for scientific thought. We as a country were enlightened. Other countries have not have this “coming of age” story which is why we now see some religions, especially Islam, fighting against modern age technology and freedom of speech. My non-God is better than your God has taken to twitter and the printing press.

For a while now the presence of God as a Methodist, Catholic, Evangelical or any other form of deity has been mocked, debated and fought against. I am sure if you asked someone who is Catholic what they think of Family Guy mocking God in the way they do they would probably say it offends them. I can understand if Muslims are offended by depictions of their prophets.

However this does not give anyone any reason to use violence to express their displeasure. Ultimately Freedom of Speech exists for a reason and journalists should not feel in danger in their own city when writing or illustrating articles that they want to. 

I sincerely hope that non-Muslim population does not meet hate with hate. This would add further fuel to an already large fire. Hate crimes would certainly not be the answer to this shooting.

Further to this I would call upon the leaders with the Islamic faith to renounce these as acts of Islam. I am sure I am not wrong when I state that most Muslims do not support this radicalisation. Some have spoken out against these but I would ask that all renounce these. Perhaps with the full indignation of the Muslim communities united this might go along way towards disassociating peaceful Islam with the radicalised individuals. 

And finally again, I wish to end on the note that I send my sympathies to the families of the lost individuals. Je Suis Charlie.

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